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Top 20 Players

Player Score
Sarah 35628
Hemanta 28503
Denisha 26394
Jelena 23257
Rebekah 22528
Jasmine 17863
Devanie 17315
Rahul 17180
Tonia 15609
Reshan 13622
Vani 12122
Sandiana 11518
Mukhtaar 10570
Shanae 8892
Teshan 5119
Onecia 4626
Akeem 4475
Maya 3279
D`Andre 3065
Noah 1929

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What is the approximate size of the Moon when compared to the Earth?


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Welcome to our online Quiz game. Test your knowledge and speed at answering questions in all four major categories at the grade six level.

Latest Quiz Corner News

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Hey everyone, great news! Look out for our Questions and Answers segment in this Sunday's Pepperpot. Make sure you get your Sunday Chronicle Newspapers to get a chance to view the answers to some of the questions on the Master Mind Quiz Game.

Congratulations to our current batch of winners for the month of May, 2014. Great job!!! Once again good job to all the Master Mind players for your continued interest and support. Don't forget to check out photos from our latest quarterly presentation.


To Ms. Devanie Sukhlal,  Ms. Tonai Pyle.  We also wanted to mention that they were other players in our top ten, however, because they did not play for a specific amount of time for the period as well as the scores accumulated they did not qualify for prizes and also some of the players would have passed the age of 12 years and hence not eligble for prizes.


REMINDER: To everyone, sharing of passwords and having other persons play Master Mind for you under your account is against the rules. So please keep your passwords safe and secure. Thank you.


New Players

  • Martena Wilburg
  • Angenique Quintin
  • Oswald Simmons
  • Koulasir Sudama
  • Sattish Singh
  • Finola Philadelphia
  • Tonia Pyle
  • Linquan Cameron
  • Divya Sukhdeo

Visit our photo gallery. [click here to see past winners]

Random Fact

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A human body can survive 8-14 days without water depending on the person and how fast sweat, urine, and tears are leaving the body and up to 7-8 weeks without food depending on conditions like weight, temperature and exertion.


Last 10 Winners

Player Date
Devanie 2014-06-07
Tonia 2014-06-07
Devanie 2014-05-02
Tonia 2014-05-02
Devanie 2014-04-01
Tonia 2014-04-01
Martena 2014-04-01
Devanie 2014-03-05
Tonia 2014-03-05
Martena 2014-03-05